Monday, 20 September 2010

The Dark Side To Creativity

Sometimes being too creative can cause problems with getting things done.

To further illustrate my point, i'll give you a little history lesson.

Did you know the ceiling of the Michelangelo's sistine chapel contains more artwork then the entire surviving catalogue of Leonardo Da Vinci?

Why is this? 

Leonardo was a serial procrastinator, despite his unworldly talent he actually struggled to complete his works, according to historic writings.

And why is that?

Leonardo was an absolute genius in many, many fields. He made strives in anatomy, writing, engineering, painting and in many more avenues. 

In short, it seems he had so many great ideas on his mind, he could not FOCUS on what he needed to do. 

Michelangelo on the other hand, was focused, passionate, obsessed on sculpting and painting. He is known for being the most best-documented artists of the 16th century due to his cheer volume of sketches, art and writings. 

So, if you want to achieve more results, try focusing on one thing at a time.

Louis Napolitano

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  1. Great advice! I suffer from this affliction! haha - I am no genius but i have tons of ideas and sometimes don't know where to start and i come off schizophrenic. picking one is good advice.