Sunday, 29 August 2010

3 Crucial Practices To Maintain Creativity

Here are three very important aspects to maintain your creativity.

  1.  Love Your Results, Even If Their Bad.

Hey, everybody had to start. I think "creativity" and "results" are only slightly related. For example you can have somebody who has a brilliant script idea, but can’t write. 

Don’t be discouraged, love your results and be proud of you’re current skill levels.

The more you enjoy it, the more you will do it.

And the more you do it, the BETTER you will get. 

Leonardo Di Vinci wasn’t born clutching the Mona Lisa. 

We need to practice, and practice does not need to be a de-motivator!

love your craft.

     2.  Keep It Simple

Don’t over complicate your life.

I know people that focus on too much and never start anything. I personally concentrate on about 3-5 things, if its anymore I find myself getting stressed and burned out.

I focus on my hobbies, my work and social life. This keeps my life really simple and makes things so much easier.

The clearer your mind, the more focused your intentions. Remember to stay present and stop over clouding your mind.

      3.  Creative Energy

Creative energy is finite, you only have so much through your lifetime.

Not many people realize this.

When people have inspiration they usually waste their creative energy, thinking about it too much, arguing with themselves about if it will work or not.

Don’t fall for it.

When you get an urge of creative energy, get it on paper… make it concrete.

Creative energy is the most important emotional energy we have, if it wasn't for Creative energy we would still be living in caves.

Louis Napolitano


  1. Louis, I especially appreciate Number 2--Keep it simple. And stay present. It's easy to get scattered, isn't it?

  2. This is great stuff. You might also check out Twyla Tharp's book THE CREATIVE HABIT if you have not already.