Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Have You're Most Creative Day

So, you want to have the most creative day ever tomorrow? Fantastic, its fulfilling! I hope you enjoy what I have to say.

Before we start, this post is for sketchbook enthusiasts. I might write one about other creative outlets down the line :).

Before we start, try doing this on a day away from work/school. You'll have better results.

How to start our morning?

Begin the night before, pop your sketchbook on you're bedside cabinet. Decide what you want to do tomorrow, get excited (not too excited so you wont sleep) but make sure its in you're minds eye, you're brain will take note of this and will prepare itself for tomorrow.

Wake up, smile, sketch out around 40 quick ideas. Don't spend more then 20 seconds on each sketch, make sure they are very brief.

 Go into the kitchen and drink some water, eat a slow digesting breakfast and drink some coffee (Coffee beans have amazing brain boosting power, and the caffeine should obviously help). Do your daily errands, but don't make them boring. Smile through them, blast out some music and think about the exciting possibilities for the day. Try to block out negative thought patterns.

Just before dinner time, get out your sketchbook. Pick out 5 of the 40 sketches that you prefer, and sketch them out again. This time sketch them out with more detail, maybe add some colour and make sure the composition is correct. Spend only about 10 minutes a piece on each one, then be proud of the process and SMILE!

Eat you're dinner, ring a likeminded friend and tell them what your up to and talk to them about some of you're ideas. Show you're excitement, and ask for some feedback. (I love doing this, because it freaks people out... but also makes you 5% more cool in the process)

I recommend you take a brake and go out for a walk (or take the family dog). Whilst walking, try to "stay in the present" http://bit.ly/aKZNuA < Read my article on "Being Present". This will shut off all thought patterns, let the ideas come to you instead of chasing them.

Go home and finish you're piece, choose you're favourite design. Don't try and think of what to do, let you're brain go on automatic and do it for you, you've already designed the blueprint, let you're emotional brain do the rest.

Once done, pat yourself on the back and reward yourself! Play on a video game, go out with some buddies, watch a film, spend 7 hours on facebook :). Do whatever you want, do what you enjoy.

Here is a few other things you could add into you're day

  1. Do something crazy, (go out and purposely talk to 5 strangers, jump into a cold bath ect.) This will propel you out of your comfort zone and will create self esteem, this combined with you're creative energy is so awesome its dangerous. ;)
  2. Make a collage or a vision board, cut out things you want to achieve and stick them in you're sketch book. It will get you're visual inputs throbbing, and open up your mind to more possibilities.
  3. Take your sketchbook to a different location, sitting in the same room all the time does not stimulate the mind. Go somewhere else, the busier the better. Locations that change quickly keep the mind ticking.

Louis Napolitano

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  1. You're suggestion of changing location is very useful.
    I wasn't aware that that was one of the reasons my mind works so slowly at my desk.
    Thanks (: